CEO Peter Zieve Runs for City Council

Peter Zieve
2 min readOct 9, 2021

CEO Peter Zieve is running for City Council in Mukilteo, Washington, where his campaign focuses on keeping Mukilteo a small town. He is also the founder of Electroimpact, an aerospace automation company.

Zieve is an inventor and innovator with 23 patents. He commercialized the low voltage electromagnetic riveting technology that he invented in his doctoral research at the University of Washington in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur, he recognized a severe need for a return to transparency and accountability. He wanted to change the traditional company culture and get engineers excited about new ideas.

He envisioned his company as a haven for engineers. Peter Zieve had a unique goal of operating as an “engineer’s company,” which relied on engineer pride of achievement as the driving force toward technical and commercial success. Engineers are involved in every step of the process, and they work on the project from inception, negotiations through warranty, and provisioning. This business model is focused on making real impacts and provides the space for individual creativity.

This model also makes everyone feel important and valued, which Zieve plans to do as a leader in his community. His objectives for the city center around zoning, and he wants to improve public safety by supporting the local police department while stopping unnecessary expenditures of public funds. His passion fueled this plan to make an impact in his community, and he even took part in creating the new Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club in Harbour Pointe.

Peter Zieve also started a group called “PreserveMukilteo” to oppose the Housing Action Plan (HAP), which would negatively affect daily life in the town. Every time the city council and planning commission meetings discuss the HAP, his group packs the room. This summer, he was even seen on the street corner of a McDonald’s holding a “NO MUKILTEO HAP” sign for over four hours. He tries to lead by example in every area of his life.

Giving back to Mukilteo became a personal mission for Zieve. He continues to show commitment to the community’s STEM programs, internship opportunities and provides monetary donations to further his vision of helping others fulfill their true potential. Peter Zieve is also a devoted father and prides himself on staying involved in his kids’ lives, despite his busy schedule as a CEO and now local politician.

He plans to take his decades of experience as a leader in his industry and translate that into preserving his local community. Zieve wants to preserve Mukilteo as a small town and preserve the small town charm which he loves.

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Peter Zieve

Peter Zieve founded Electroimpact in July 1986 after receiving a Ph.D. degree from the University of WA in Mechanical Engineering.