Peter Zieve knows that the aerospace industry continues to be an extremely important one as it helps to ensure that air travel can be done so efficiently.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, — Peter Zieve knows that the aerospace industry continues to be an extremely important one as it helps to ensure that air travel can be done so efficiently, affordably, and safely. The continued advancement of this industry is largely thanks to companies such as Electroimpact Inc., which help to develop parts and components for aircraft. Today, the company is led by CEO Peter Zieve who continues to help…

Could the AFP4.0 portend major changes in the aviation industry? Electroimpact CEO Peter Zieve believes so. Here’s why.

The aviation manufacturing industry has largely been controlled by a few large companies. This is due, in part, to the high barriers of entry and high capital costs to enter the aviation market. Quite simply, manufacturing airplane components and assembling airplanes is extremely expensive. However, Electroimpact CEO Peter Zieve believes that his company’s revolutionary AFP4.0 manufacturing system could disrupt the aviation manufacturing industry.

“The AFP4.0 greatly lowers capital investment costs, which in turn makes it cheaper to manufacture certain aircraft components, in this case, the airframes themselves,” Electroimpact CEO Peter Zieve notes. “With the AFP4.0, …

Market demand is the reason Airbus and Boeing have announced plans to raise monthly aircraft deliveries by a combined 42% between now and 2020. Factory automation may be the key reason that aggressive ramp-up is possible.

At the centre of that automation ramp-up is a company called Electroimpact, of Mukilteo, Washington. Launched in 1986 with a new design for a handheld, low-voltage electro-magnetic riveting machine, the business now builds some of the industry’s most advanced automated assembly systems and robotic tools. …

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Lots of kids spend their Spring Breaks out of town with their families.

With the weather lately, who can really blame them?

For most, Spring Break is a time to relax and not worry about schoolwork or learning for a week.

But some Mukilteo students are using their week off in Electroimpact’s newly formed Youth Engineering Lab.

Peter Zieve, president and owner of Electroimpact, opened up the lab this past Saturday and is running it daily through April 15.

Zieve said all children are welcome, regardless of their current knowledge of engineering.

To help get…

Not too many Americans have ever heard of Electroimpact (EI), of Mukilteo, Washington.

Pretty much every American has heard of Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer, and millions have flown on their airplanes. EI works with all those companies and many more, producing equipment to help them make their airliners.

The company is the brainchild of founder and president Peter Zieve, PhD, who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the thought, “I’m going to start a company for engineers.”

The company first got its start in riveting. Airliners have lots of rivets that hold the mostly aluminum parts together…

Peter Zieve Started As An Inventor — Then Went To Work To Build A Haven For Engineers

Founder and CEO of Electoimpact Peter Zieve has done things differently from the start. Rather than dive into a company and learn on the way, Peter Zieve built a solid foundation before he got his start in business, allowing him to run Electroimpact differently than other tech companies.

Peter Zieve got his start earning his Ph.D. at the University of Washington in mechanical engineering. There, he was able to delve into the latest developments in engineering, learning from world-class faculty, and finding out what does and doesn’t work in the engineering business.

At the University of Washington, Peter Zieve didn’t…

Snohomish County is a great place to spawn companies but the companies soon leave the state. Examples are Kimberly Clark, Intermec, Rane, Fluke has moved their manufacturing to China, B/E Aerospace moved their manufacturing to the Philippines. Boeing moved the 787–10 to South Carolina and their headquarters to Chicago. Bayliner left the state in 2008.

Amazon just announced that they will open a headquarters in “another North American city” with up to 50,000 employees. Not enough room in Seattle? Both Boeing and Microsoft have managed to fit larger operations in our area without problem. It doesn’t make sense.

Manufacturing wages…

As the president of a high-tech manufacturing company, I have experience finding and hiring talent. To no surprise of anyone who knows the world of high-tech manufacturing, I find the best talent comes from the United States. While some companies have turned to H1-B visas to find what they consider to be the “best” talent, I have not. And, my company has continued to thrive and dominant in the global marketplace by making some of the most technologically advanced products imaginable.

So, when I hear about Bill Gates testifying about how badly he needs to hire employees from around the…

MUKILTEO — ElectroImpact is getting bigger.

The aerospace supplier plans on adding a new building with a mix of offices and a soaring assembly bay to handle growing demand for the company’s robotic assembly machines.

ElectroImpact makes machines that make airplanes, and business is brisk. The company added a new assembly building last year and it is already feeling squeezed, said Peter Zieve, the company’s founder and owner.

The new site will add some breathing space.

“We’re trying to put as big a building there as we can,” he said. “We’re trying to put 10 pounds in an 8-pound bag.”

MUKILTEO — In 1983, Peter Zieve didn’t even know what a rivet looked like.

Three years later, he founded a company, Electroimpact, to sell riveting machines to aerospace companies.

It’s been a spectacular success.

Electroimpact has grown into a heavyweight in the aerospace industry, employing more than 620 people while operating on five continents.

The company sells dozens of machines to Boeing, Airbus and other aerospace manufacturers throughout the world. The machines do everything from driving old-fashioned rivets into aluminum on assembly lines to manufacturing parts by laying up advanced composite materials.

And this has been a particularly good year…

Peter Zieve

Peter Zieve founded Electroimpact in July 1986 after receiving a Ph.D. degree from the University of WA in Mechanical Engineering.

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