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Peter Zieve
3 min readSep 23, 2021

For the past 25 years, Peter Zieve has served as the founder and CEO of Electroimpact. A company focused on providing a broad range of equipment and services to the aircraft and satellite manufacturing industry. Now, Zieve hopes to apply the same principles of hard work, dedication, and compassion that have made his company successful as a future member of the Mukilteo City Council.

Peter Zieve has already begun preparing in earnest for the pre-election home stretch with the November election fast approaching. His campaign slogan — “Keep Mukilteo a Small Town.” — is at the core of what Zieve believes is best for the Mukilteo community and is his primary message heading into the election.

Peter Zieve points out that his opponent’s approval of a recent Housing Action Policy (HAP) that prioritizes building high-density housing in the city over single-family residences is a direct threat to Mukilteo’s small-town way of life residents enjoy. Zieve is also fundamentally opposed to policies such as decriminalizing sex work and defending the police.

It isn’t just Peter Zieve’s commitment to preserving Mukilteo’s small-town allure that makes him an attractive candidate to many voters. Since moving to Mukilteo in 2007, Peter Zieve has demonstrated his commitment to his community time and time again. He has been an avid supporter of local causes and establishments such as the Boys and Girls Club of Mukilteo, YMCA, Camp Solomon Schechter, and the Electroimpact Youth Robotics camp. Peter Zieve has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local families, schools, and charities over the years and has created an internship program for his company that has provided an on-the-job experience to over 200 teenagers and young adults.

Now, Peter Zieve is hopeful that this unwavering commitment to the Mukilteo community, along with his plan to preserve the values and way of life that so many Mukilteo residents hold dear, will help push him to a victory in November. Nevertheless, Zieve recognizes that there is still much work to be done between now and the election. Since hosting his kick-off campaign in July, Zieve has worked furiously to reach out to Mukilteo voters, understand the issues they are facing, and explain his plan to guide the city into the future. With the election right around the corner, Zieve says he plans to ramp up these efforts even more.

Peter Zieve explains that the opportunity to serve as a member of the Mukilteo City Council is highly personal. For almost a decade and a half, he and his family have cherished Mukilteo as their beloved hometown. To preserve what he and many others see as the city’s most essential qualities, Zieve feels that a change in leadership is needed. By stepping up on behalf of the Mukilteo community as he has done so many times in the past, Zieve has taken it upon himself to provide this change. Come November. He is hopeful that most Mukilteo residents will agree with his vision of what the city needs to remain a wonderful place to call home.

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Peter Zieve

Peter Zieve founded Electroimpact in July 1986 after receiving a Ph.D. degree from the University of WA in Mechanical Engineering.